Presidential Elections In Columbia: Round One For The Good Guys

Juán Manuel Santos of the center right Union Party obtained a rousing 46.6 % of the vote in sunday´s Columbian presidentrial election. Atanas Mockus of the green party received 21.5% which was goos enough for second place and a ticket to the June 20th final round.The winners: President Alvaro Uribe who backed Santos and the Columbian people; the losers: Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chávez and the pollsters who had placed Mockus within 2 to 5 points of Santos with a good chance of winning round two.The polls were so far off that they had placed Vargas Lleras´s Radical Change Party in sixth place and they came in a respectable third with 10.1%. They were followed by the left wing Polo Democratico with 9.2%,Noemí Sanín of the conservative party with 6.1% and the Liberal party with 4.4%. It is evident that voters from both the conservative and liberal parties voted for Santos in round one. The pollsters mader the mistake of factoring in a higher porcentage of voters in the big cities and less in rural areas and small towns where the turnout was higher. In the country as a whole only a little over 49% of the voters showed up at the polls.Chávez must be beside himself as a Venezuelan anti-Chávez political advisor J.J Rendon, was the person who turned around the cvampaign of Santos. On June 20th it will be easy for Santos to pick up the additional votes he needs for 50% plus one, while Mockus has an insurmountable mountain to climb.