COLOMBIA: Presidential Election Preview

On May 30 the péople of Columbia will go to the polls for round one of a two round battle which will culminate the 20th of June. If no one receives 50% plus 1 on May 30 (and no one will) we are due for a photo finish June 20 between Juan Manuel Santos of the Union Party(Uribista) and Antanas Mockus of the Green party. The vote in Columbia is not obligatory.

Antanas Mockus, son of Lithuanian immigrants is a college professor and two time mayor of Bogotá. His green party stands more for anti-corruption than  pro-environment. After being a minor blip in the polls ,he has enjoyed a meteoric rise which peaked about three to four weeks ago. Since then some people began to have second thoughts about the carismatic mathematician who onced mooned his students . Mockus was leading in the polls over Santos, the former defense minister of President Alvaro Uribe, well known for his victories over the FARC communist narco-guerillas supported by Hugo Chávez.

It has since been revealed that Mockus has the beginnings of Parkinson´s disease .This would be fatal to his chances in the USA , but it appears not in Columbia.

The last poll from Datexco shows Santos with 35% and Mockus with 34% on May 30 and Mockus with 45% and Santos with 44% on June 20.CNC ,another respected polling organization shows Santos with 39% and Mockus with 34 on  the 30th of May ,while Santos has 45% against 44% for Mockus in June.The tendency in the last week has been favorable to Santos.Hugo Chávez is sitting back hoping to deal with the neophyte Mockus ,who had previously been un up by 5-6%,  but the election is now too close to call and there´s still many days between round one and round two.