Hugo Chávez: The enemy within

The resignation of the governor of Lara state from the Chavista United Socialist Party of Venezuela is making waves across the country. Henri Falcón, elected with 74% of the vote left the ruling party but joined a smaller allied party ,the PPT.State legislators and other local officials joined the exodus. Although Falcón was very diplomatic in his resignation letter, Chávez has been furiously attacking Falcón for the past three weeks.

With the electric power shortage and water rationing in Caracas reaching unacceptable levels, could it be that other Chavistas are looking to Falcón as a replacement for Chavez if the tyrant´s position becomes untenable?

The Guri dam is down to 3 turbines out of 10 with one vibrating menacingly.The other Central dam is down to 2 of 7 with parts cannibalized from the other 5. As the water levels recede every day, the dictator´s popularity recedes among the people. If it doesn´t rain soon Chávez is in deep trouble.