Conservatives Win Congressional Elections in Columbia

The latest results available for the Senate in Columbia shows the 2 most conservative parties receiving the lions share of the votes. With 93.77% of the votes tabulated the ܨparty of President Álvaro Uribe had 25.17% of the vote and 27 or 28 senate seats. In second place his allies of the Conservative Party received 20.67% of the vote with 22 or 23 senate seats. The center-left Liberal part had 15.85%  and 18 seats while 3 parties: National Integration(Center),Radical Change(center-left) and Alternative Democratic Pole(left-left) 8 seats each. The greens who chose ex-Bogotá mayor, Antanas Mockus as their presidential standard bearer won 5 seats.In Columbia all senators are elected at-large.

This result which is approximately repeated in house races will give the Pro American and Anti-Chávez right a majority in congress.

The simultaneous primary of the Conservative party is yet to be decided.With more than 48% of the votes to be counted, former ambassador to Spain Noemí Sanín led former agricultural minister Luis Felipe Arias by 404 votes in a see-saw race whose result may not be known for days.

Election day was the calmest in the last thirty years. Although the FARC communist guerilla  threatened to interrupt the voting by acts of terror , they, along with Hugo Chévez  were the big losers. In some areas where previously intimidation kept the partcipants in the 20% range turnout doubled to 40%.

Kudos to the Columbian military and police !