Conservative Victory in Chile confirmed

Hugo Chávez, call your office! On the 11th of March your worse nightmare will take place. Well, maybe not your very worse nightmare but close to it. Sebastian Piñera will be sworn in as president of Chile.Chile ,with it´s strong military and democratic tradition dating back 20 years weill join with Columbia and Perú to forge a solid opposition to the Venezuelan tyrant. The results with 99.61% of the vote follow: Sebastian Piñera 3,563,050 votes 51.61%, Eduardo Frei 3,340,308 votes 48.38 %. The final polls showed betwen 1.89 and 2.5 % advantage for Piñera which means that the end result was slightly better.Piñera exceeded the final polls by a very small amount. The loser, Eduardo Frei congratulated Piñera and announced that we was proud of the clean and transparent process which has become a hallmark of Chilean elections.(They never met Acorn. That´s something they can be very thankful for.) President Michelle Bachelet(socialist) called president elect Sebastian Piñera(conservative) to offer her congratulations and arrange a visit to his home tomorrow. Piñera invited her promptly to breakfast and put his wife, Cecilia on the phone to talk to the president.(They are personally friendly despite their rather vast political differences).We are awaiting Piñera to give his victory speech . Rodrigo Hinzpeter, his campaign manager already announced that there will be room in his government for people of the opposition willing to work in the new government. All in all a civics lesson in for  us that Acorn And the SEIU will never learn.