Conservative leads early results in Chile

During the last two weeks the center-left government of Chile has pulled out all of the stops to block the path to victory that the center-right Coaltion for Change had in it´s sights. Desperate to avoid a first defeat since elections were resumed 20 years ago after the end of the military government,It now appears that they have failed! Sebastian Piñera, who ran a campaign a la Bob McDonnell of Virginia,concentrating on jobs, economic growth and zero tolerance on crime appears to have won the election to be Chile´s next president. Election Central in Diego Portales, Santiago reports the following result:

With 60.32% of the vote in : Piñera 2,132,783 votes 51.87 % , Eduardo Frei 1,978,774 votes  48.12 %

The next update fromDiego Portales will be very interesting, indeed. It´s still a little early, but looking good. Better than good. Hugo Chávez is not very happy today.Naturally he´ll blame the results on us.