Chile: Pass the baton !!!!!

The victory of Sebastian Piñera way down south in the summer heat of Chile surfaces as a harbinger for the victory of Scott Brown up north in the winter of Massachusett´s discontent. All we can say is ¨Sebastian, pass the baton on to Scott from south to north  and bring us luck on tuesday.¨

We see the people dancing and celebrating in the Plaza of Italia of Santiago de Chile. We see the loser, Eduardo Frei with his wife and daughters on the podium with Sebastian Piñera, the winner and his whole family with smiles and hugs  and congratulations all around. This  will not take place in Boston on tuesday.I guarantee you. Our battle lines are drawn. Our differences are more vast than those of the Chileans, because at least they play hard but clean without personal attacks, without backroom deals, without people like Rahm ,Reid And Pelosi. So let the Tea Party Tsunami begin!!!