The Other Election: Chile Jan. 17

While we are all excited about Scott Brown and his ever increasing chances to doom the donkeyheads on tuesday , Chile votes on sunday. this has turned into a cliffhanger. Conservative candidate Sebastian Piñera leads by a very small porcententage(1.9 to 2.5%) in the polls which is well within the margin of error. The chances of center-left ex president Eduardo Frei were boosted by kowtowing to the communists, help from the current socialist president Michelle Bachelet and above all a half-hearted endorsement by independent leftist Miguel Enriquez-Ominami who was eliminated in the first round while Piñera received warm support from Peruvian literary giant Mario Vargas llosa who enjoys huge popularity in Chile.We will be on top of this when the polls close on sunday with the first results from election central Diego Portales.