The meaning of the Chilean election

I didn´t have to wait up too late last night to watch the results of the Chilean election on TV Chile here in Lima Perú as there are 2 hours time difference. At 12 O´Clock Santiago time(10 O´Clock in Lima) it was clear that the top two candidates heading into a runoff were Sebastian Piñera(44.05 %) of the Center-Right Coalition for Change and former president Eduardo Frei(29.60%) of the Center-Left Concertación which has governed Chile for the last 20 years.The unanswered question for both is what will happen to the 20.13% of the vote garnered by Marco Enriquez-Ominami,the independent change candidate who appealed to the left,young voters, and independent centrists. The communist candidate ,Jorge Arrate as expected placed last with 6.21% of the vote which is expected to be delivered to Frei tied up with a red ribbon ,of course:

This means that Piñera , a declared enemy of Hugo Chávez needs about 30% of the Enriquez-Ominami voters to seal the deal on January 17.Rodrigo Ahumada (PHD University of Navarre) , respected historian and political pundit wrote today in Santiago´s La Tercera newspaper,¨I don´t doubt that Piñera will win round two.¨Cristóbal Bellolio, analyst from Chile´s Catholic University concurred on the pages of El Mercurio,Chile´s largest newspaper.He penned it this way,¨Marco Enriquez-Ominami called on the people to vote for change without fear, hatreds and violence.It appears that Piñera is better situated to hoist the banner of change than Frei.¨ Conservatives can only hope and pray that this comes true.