Honduras consigns Chávez water boy Zelaya to the ash heap of history.

Before I left Tegucigalpa on Monday two lawyers who accompanied those of us who participted as election observers assured me that the congress would meet on Wednesday to comply with the accord of Guaymuras Tegucigalpa-San José in order to vote on the restitution or no of deposed president Manuel Zelaya until the handover of the government to president elect Pepe Lobo, on January 27.

They also predicted that the congress would reject the restitution of Zelaya (until that date)who acted more like a water boy for the Hugo Chávez team than a president while he was in office.

True to their prediction ,the Honduran congress voted 115 to 10 to approve the action of June 28th when Zelaya was unceremoniously plucked out of his house in pajamas and dumped in Costa Rica.

Zelaya continues in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa as a guest of Brazil´s president, Lula ,a friend of the Venezuelan tyrant.

Even the lame brains in our state department who first were on the side of the Chávez-Castro-Zelaya communist axis before being outfoxed by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Jim Demint admit that Zelaya made a big mistake sneaking back into Honduras to hole up in the Brazilian embassy.

The interim government of Roberto Micheletti has lived up to the agreement of Guaymuras while Zelaya has backed out. The support for the new president, Pepe Lobo as well as the backing of the loyal opposition is vast.

The boycott of the election by Zelaya´s supporters financed by Hugo Chávez and his narco partners failed miserably.

The question is, ¨Where do we go from here?¨