Green Police Super Bowl Ad - Truth is Stranger than Fiction?

If only this commercial was a spoof on reality.

Washington DC has a tax on plastic grocery bags. Many, many , many other places have similar laws

In San Francisco people are required by law to compost waste and recycle. Offenders are subject to fines.

The city by the bay also has a ban on plastic water bottles. Other countries are reaching this madness level as well.

Incandescent light bulbs will be phased out in the US starting in 2012. In Europe they already have banned these and are offering money to people to snitch on stores which sell the outlawed bulbs. You will be stuck with those crappy compact flourescent blubs (CFLs) in the near future.

And in this madness, Audi is selling its “green” car. Somehow I am not comforted. And I feel a lot less free.


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