Breaking: Adam Andrzejewski attending Tea Party Convention!

GOP Illinois Governor hopeful, Adam Andrzejewski is attending the Saturday portion of the Nashville TN Tea Party Convention.   I had the distinct honor of bumping into him at the Chicago airport at 6am this morning.    he was surprised that someone from Tennessee would be familiar with his campaign.    We had a great talk on the plane and I offered him a dose of southern hospitality and gave him a ride to his hotel!

Adam is an amazing guy – a reformer, principled, and  focused on solving the problems at home in Illinois.  Expect to see more from Adam in the future as he works to drive real reform in Illinois!

Erick Erickson wrote an excellent piece on Adam here

hit his website – www.adamforillinois.com  and make a donation to his campaign – they still have expenses and we need folks like Adam!

 Adam at O’hare


Adam at the Nashville airport Freedom Shrine (ground transport level behind the left escalator, next to the mens bathroom – yes I know – not exactly a prominent place)

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