A Soldiers Thoughts on Fort Hood and the GWOT

This was written to me by one of our amazing soldiers:

On the eve of the day to remember America’s veterans, I am ashamed to say, that those who served, both living, and fallen are tarnished by the way our president, and his hand picked generals are executing the war on “man made disaster”.
I know I am stating the obvious but: Until we as a nation put aside the dysfunctional idea of political correctness, and confront the fact that we are at war with Islam, we will continue to be easy prey for terrorists.
Speaking of political correctness, I am sickened by my Army leadership. When given the choice of doing, and saying the right thing, or protecting their position on the government tit, they choose to protect their jobs and their retirement by turning a blind eye to the obvious.
If Casey had a set of balls, he would call it like it is, retire, and ride the swell of pride on a speaking tour, making millions in the spirit of patriotism. Yet instead, he’ll fade into obscurity knowing only the sting of regret having failed to act when those around him, and in his charge are disarmed, and rendered nearly neutral in this apologist’s war waged not with tactics, but political correctness.
We are so screwed.

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