Obama requires defensive barriers for Ft. Hood visit

Just was watching Fox News this evening (sunday 11/8) and saw Geraldo interviewing someone at Ft. Hood regarding Obama’s visit (which is 5 days too late!), and they were moving 200 cargo containers around on the base to form a DEFENSIVE BARRIER for his visit.   I dont have a video capture of this- – I hope to update it ASAP.  It was at the 9 minute mark of the show when Geraldo cut to Craig Rivera live at Ft. Hood.

So let me get this straight…  as per Obama, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the Major Hasan Jihad shooting, but the President is allowed to jump to the conclusion that since he’s visiting the soldiers he LEADS as Commander in Chief at their fricking base, that he needs to have a cordon of barriers to keep exactly WHO away from him?  Muslim fanatics?  Or something else?

Now who is acting stupidly?

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