RINO Gov. Schwartzenegger signs ammunition registration law

The Governator signed into law a bill in California (AB 962) which will require all purchasers of ammunition to submit their thumbprint and  personal information into a state database.  included in the definition of ammunition are clips and magazines! 

For purposes of this subdivision, ammunitionshall include, but not be limited to any bullet, cartridge, magazine, clip, speedloader, auto loader or projectile fired from a firearm with a deadly consequence.

It also prohibits mail order purchasing of ammunition, since presumably you could not submit a thumbprint that way.

Interestingly, California takes a decidedly narrow view of the Second Amendment by excluding from the requirements any ammunition for antique weapons (made before 1898).  Talk about your strict interpretation – this is the argument of those against the 2nd Amendment – that is – the founding fathers “never intended: you to have semi-automatic weapons, “assault weapons,” etc, etc. 

This new law, which goes into effect February 2011, will do two things:

1) Increase the cost to consumers by reducing competition

2) Allow law enforcement personnel access to purchasing records when conducting an “investigation.”  While the law is worded in such a way as to appear that police or DOJ personnel may only access records in pursuit of an investigation, the language is broad enough that really any investigation may open the door for the State to examine purchasing records – for example – an investigation into purchasers of high volumes of ammunition for example….. 

We’ve always known that the left would have a hard time getting us to give up our guns – and that they would instead move to take away our bullets, which they would claim are not included in the right to keep and bear arms.

Of significant concern would be other states taking the lead from California and adopting similar legislation.  If you think the ammunition shortage has been severe this year, just wait until this law draws closer and people in California begin stocking up….

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