Dudial Rights

Since no one else has undertaken comment on Sarah Palin’s resignation, I guess it’s up to me.

As much as I could, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the First Dude.  Like a zillion other guys, I have experience raising teenage girls.  But, like a zillion other guys, I don’t have 5 kids and don’t have a special needs kid.

The life of a teenage girl in America is tough enough without millions of prying eyes: Am I ugly? Why doesn’t he like me? Am I fat? And so on.

So, dads, how would you feel if a bitter so-called comedian told a couple of million people that your 14-year old daughter was having sexual intercourse with an amoral baseball player in the presence of tens of thousands baseball fans?  And, dads, would your anger be assuaged if this so-called comedian apologized by saying that he didn’t mean your 14-year old daughter; he meant your 18-year old daughter? Husbands, how would you feel when this same funny man says your wife looks like a slut?

This was one of the latest but surely not the last unwarranted insults to your loved ones.

Dads and husbands, you know all the lies and insults. I am not going to list them all.  But I do have to express my shock about the latest taboo crossed: it is now okay to heap scorn and ridicule on a handicapped infant.

But imagine you are the dad and husband subjected to this treatment daily.  You and your wife couldn’t fight back because you were restricted by the duties of the office of governor. You and your wife couldn’t fight back because of the restrictions of the role of a Vice President in a national campaign and back-stabbing employees of a vain, foolish and dishonorable old man.
But the lies and insults were not enough.  You had people trying to drive you and your family into the poor house at no cost to them.  How could a husband, a father, a wife, and a mother let that happen?  How long could a husband, father, mother, and wife sit by and watch this happen?

From what I’ve seen, Mr and Mrs Palin struck the perfect balance. He didn’t appear to be uncomfortable in his role: he worked at a cool job, did cool guy stuff and helped with the house. (I once had an extended period of working at home taking care of the kids. If you’ve never done that before, believe me a crappy job outside the house is much easier than taking care of the house and kids.)

I know it goes back to the schoolyard but one thing these attackers have in common is that they are bullies.  They are the kids that start their mouths up only after they are out of retribution range.  Would David Letterman have told those “jokes” if Todd Palin was sitting on the guest couch?  I doubt it because when you call a man’s daughter a whore and his wife a slut, you can expect what’s coming next. And would deserve every knuckle.

I don’t know about the ultimate wisdom of threats of slander lawsuits but I do know one thing. It lets these bullies know that the free ride is over.  Now, they’re the ones that are be paying the $500,000 in legal fees to defend themselves in a suit in Alaska.  I hope the Alaska lawyers rape them on the fees.  Plus, if they’re from New York, they will have first-hand experience with commuting from the lower 48.

Some may say she ruined her political career by quitting. If she did, whose business is that anyway?  As your dad always told you, bullies are cowards.  Now that the Palins are unrestricted, we’ll see who the real cowards are.