Observations From Pittsburgh

It appears Pittsburgh may be the eye of the storm.

  1. I ride the train to work from South of Pittsburgh. It goes through a bunch of neighborhoods. I see intermittent Obama signs in the old neighborhoods and in my township. I’ve also seen smatterings of “Democrats For McCain” signs in the old neighborhoods. I’ve also seen people with a whole bunch of local Democrat signs but no Obama signs.

  2. I don’t have a sign myself but, as with others I’ve spoken with, there is slight apprehension. These guys are thugs and nobody wants the hassle, e.g., vandalization etc.

  3. A former client of mine asked me (a lawyer) to man polling places. Since I never discuss anything personal with clients, he apparently assumed I supported Sen Obama. I asked him what I’d be doing and who I’d actually be representing, he said Obama. I have moral misgivings about doing that, though it’s not against legal ethics. Maybe I should go and bring a camera.

4. A few weeks ago the county DA was going after some ACORN activities. But who knows? (In a vacancy appointment for DA, the experienced front-runner was passed over for a security lawyer who happened to be a Supreme Court Justice’s son.)

  1. Pittsburgh was heavy Hillary country. PUMAs can do arithmetic. Obama in 2008 and no Hillary ever. While Hillary is liberal, she is not a radical Marxist. These Kos Marxists are mortal enemies of the Clintons. I think calling (unfairly) Bill Clinton a racist is a thing the Clintons will not and should not get over. And Murtha reminded them of that all over again.