Liberal Scare Tactic: FAIL

This AP article is clearly designed to raise the scary specter of a government shut down: http://www.cleveland.com/nation/index.ssf/2010/09/battle_royal_over_health_care/4224/comments.html

The author speculates that the GOP could find the only way to stop the President’s agenda is to literally stop funding the government.  Then, oh my, the entire government could end up shutting down!  Apparently, from the liberal vantage point the single scariest thing that could happen in this country is a lack of government supervision.  Mass mayhem, dogs and cats living together, end times…  Only, um, it appears from the comments that most of the readers relish the idea of a government shut down.  By my count, nineteen of twenty commenters responded “go ahead, shut it down”.  From the vantage point of most folks, shutting down DC for a month or so would be a super way to cut 5% from the operational budget.  A couple of folks on the left chimed in pointing out that “highways won’t be built”, as though that is the most terrifying thing that could possibly happen.  Oh noes!  You can bet your last dime I’m a far more worried about the tourist trade in DC than I am about the potential of non-infrastructure, but I have a sneaky suspicion that a government shut down might actually HELP the tourist trade.  Thanks AP, one of the best reasons to vote GOP I’ve heard yet.