I suppose I’m sick of watching commentators speak about the Discovery Channel terrorist Lee.  Yeah, I called him a terrorist.  Why in the world won’t anyone call this guy what he is?  What I take away from the people I’ve watched speak on the issue is: this guy is clearly an insane person on the left, and we would never say most of the left can be painted with that brush.  Yet most on the left would say all people on the right are violent based on a single incident.  Thus, the left holds a double standard when it comes to crazy outliers.  When Obama took power, we heard all kinds of dire warnings that people on the right would become deranged sociopaths.  As it turned out, people on the right usually believe in the rule of law and didn’t set out with their torches and pitchforks and their guns, which have not yet been controlled.

People on the left essentially believe in forcing others to do what they want via government.  Similarly, people on the left typically believe there are no limits to the scope of government.  Why are we not at liberty to agree to disagree anymore?  The scope of government is such that there are defined punishments for disagreement.  If government was not involved with marriage at all, the right and left could disagree and think the other side is stupid without government intervening on either side.  Because of the size and scope of government, everyone with an opinion must take a stand or end up with whatever the government allocates their belief system.

Many of the core beliefs of the left are inherently hypocritical.  I will never forget watching Valerie Jarrett say she was still “sticking it to the man”.  Newsflash!  If you are demanding larger government Ms. Jarrett, you are trying to get the man to stick it to you.  What kind of an idiot believes she’s sitting in the White House and isn’t a part of “the man”?  When the lady who lives next to my mom told me that she’s a democrat, I asked her if she wants government to make more decisions for her.  She pulled back and said, “Of course not!”  To which I responded, “Then you’re not a democrat.”  If you want an inherently hypocritical position on the left, you need look no further than the immigration issue.  Liberals want government to regulate everything and then summarily oppose enforcement.  It doesn’t get more hypocritical than that.  Whenever I speak to someone who tells me they oppose the Arizona law on immigration, I ask them if we could strike a deal where companies ignore EPA laws as well as immigration laws.  I can’t give you their responses, because I have yet to meet a liberal who will respond.  This is the impulse that leads someone who says they are in favor of protecting the planet to strap something that is shockingly high in carbon like a bomb to their chest and threaten a place that is as far left as the Discovery Channel. 

The conclusion I draw is that it is surprising that more folks on the left aren’t behaving violently.  Their core belief system requires force, albeit government force.  At the same time they demand government force, they disagree with the rule of law.  It seems obvious to me that once the lever for government control is taken from them, they will resort to other methods of force to secure their demands.  I predict we will see more folks like Lee who feel the reigns of control slipping and will see their only venue for forcing their will on others to be violence.  We can clearly foresee that people whose core beliefs demand compliance from others will not sit quietly and allow that control to slip from their fingers.  When you compound that with the fact that liberals don’t mind being hypocritical in order to see their ends met, it spells disaster.  Thus, I am willing to say what those commentators refuse to say: people on the left are FAR more likely to become deranged sociopaths than people on the right and Mr. Lee is just the tip of the iceberg.

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