A Response to "What Really Matters"


Susan Estrich is a liberal commentator.  I have long been a fan of hers (flame away, I couldn’t care less), even though I disagree with her conclusions consistently.  Estrich does from time to time challenge my perspective as a conservative.  I feel strongly that I need intelligent challenges to my thoughts and I must honestly admit that one or two liberal commentators have changed my mind on certain issues. 

Her recent article “What Really Matters” on the Rassmussen Reports website is one of those “Now everyone calm down and remember why we’re here” articles that the left has been so excited to post lately.  The only thing she forgot to put into the article was any clear description of the topic.  What really matters?  She insinuates that there are serious enemies outside the US that should scare us more than the Obama administration does.  One must suppose the point to the article was to suggest citizens of the US have a great deal in common and we should be unified against outside enemies.  Yet, the article instead seems to say, “we won the election, now you have to sit down and shut up”.  This article lacked any version of diplomacy.  If we look at the actions of the Obama administration this week, one must believe the greatest enemies facing the US are the citizens of the US and Israel. 

This administration has chosen to attack Israel verbally in a way that one might have assumed would be reserved for Iran.  My impression of the left’s argument for Obama’s foreign policy was that he would be very diplomatic.  I can’t think of a single thing this administration has done that can be called diplomatic.  After ignoring the will of the majority of US citizens and forcing passage of a bill through questionable means in the congress,  the administration has ignored and attacked the citizens who put them in their positions in the first place.  When they aren’t admantly insisting that people need someone to tell them what to do, they are insinuating that peaceful protest should be limited to people who agree with them on all the issues.

Estrich apparently doesn’t realize that she SHOULD be targeting liberals with her comments.  This administration hasn’t missed a single opportunity to attack and demean anyone they disagree with and that includes the vast majority of citizens they purport to represent.  They have patiently explained that they will decide who is and who isn’t a news agency.  If we take this administration and congress at their actions, we must assume that their priorities (what really matters) and who they perceive as enemies do not allign with those of the vast majority of US citizens. 

Last year, I thought that I would see many of these kinds of articles coming out condemning the violence AGAINST the tea party protesters, but I was astounded that media in general and Estrich in particular couldn’t even summons up a condemnation of the intentional violence against peaceful protesters.  In one case, a man’s finger was bitten off by a proponent of the healthcare bill.  One might think that would rate at least a passing mention by liberal pundits?  Alas, no.  Frankly Ms. Estrich, if anyone gets serious hurt or killed during this political season, I would put the blame on your side of the aisle for your refusal to adamantly oppose selective law enforcement policy set down via this administration.

Let me take a moment to further pontificate on your topic of “what really matters”.  For most people in the US, this administration came into office on promises of eliminating fraud; being bipartisan by creating bridges between the parties; and creating transparency.  Most people in this country have been shocked at the complete disconnect that Obama has with the things he has promised.  In short, we were cheated.  He lied to get into office and most people are furious about it.  This healthcare bill is only the latest picture of his completely fraudulent campaign for the presidency.  If the intent of your article is to take a group of folks who were cheated and tell them, “too bad, that’s what happens when you’re stupid enough to believe liberal lies”, you shouldn’t be surprised when you are taken at your word.  I personally am shocked that more violence hasn’t erupted, but that can be easily explained by the fact that most conservatives realize that our best attack has yet to come.  We will voice our discontent at the polls.  I suspect you’ll have eight to twelve long years to think about what really matters before liberal commentary really matters again.