I promised to write more on the substance of the 9/12 conference I attended this weekend and I have plenty of things to say.  The biggest impact the conference had on me was that it reminded me of why I got involved with the Tea Party movement in the first place.

Have you ever said, “It’s always something” about a friend, co-worker, or a neighbor?  You’ve met people who are simply tiring?  That’s how I see this administration.

When Obama was running for office, he kept referring to ‘the failed Bush policies”.  He could never be specific about which policies he was referring to, but I feel certain most thought that he was just being a politician.  It seemed that Bush was the villain in one of those old Dudley-Do-Right cartoons.  After Obama was elected, he referred constantly to the “mess” he had inherited. 

It soon became apparent that the idea of Bush as the villain of his presidency wasn’t working.  Then Obama pulled out a new villain du jour.  Bankers!!  Evil bankers were getting huge largess in the form of bonuses.  This cannot be allowed!  Taxpayers bailed out banks and banks are clearly evil.  So, yet again disclosing only a single side of the argument, the President bade us get our pitchforks and torches for an attack.

During the healthcare debate, our President has trotted out lots of super villains: doctors surreptitiously stealing kids’ tonsils and chopping off their feet; them wascally Republicans; insurance companies; and fraudsters!!  He even asked us to take up arms against that “faux” news agency Foxnews.

With this guy, it’s all drama.  It’s always something.  Someone is super evil and needs all of us to come clobber him to make the President happy.  One can be forgiven for thinking “What now?”  Whatever.

I joined the tea party because it is something positive.  It’s we disagree with you, on these grounds, and we intend to do certain things to change things.  If the tea party movement was a group of the disgruntled complainers, I think I would be uninterested.  I have enough work on my hands, thanks.

Instead, I see a group of folks using words like “innovation” and “moving towards the future”.  I don’t hear that coming out of our liberal leaders. Any kind of a healthcare bill is childish NOT to start movement towards fixing this incoming wave of entitlement bankruptcy.  Paul Ryan’s budget suggests a way to deal with this within ten years.  It contains politically difficult pieces, and as a Libertarian, I think it’s too government centered, but at least it’s a way forward.

In my less than professional opinion, I think if you’re reading this, and you’re a liberal, you need to seriously consider putting down that pitchfork and joining in with the rest of us to try and pick out a way forward.  Unless, of course, you’re another of those who simply enjoys perpetuating the drama.