Spring is in the Air: 9/12 Conference in Oregon

I had the opportunity this weekend to attend the 9/12 conference in Turner, Oregon.  I will post a few more articles on the meat of the conference, but let me start with the fun fluff while I have it fresh in my mind.

After I sat down for the first session, Scott Bruun, candidate for congress and his staff assistant sat in front of me.  The candidate for District 1 sat behind me.  Since I tend to be a hermit of sorts, I guessed immediately that it just wasn’t going to be my day.  Fifty percent of the folks at this thing would have jumped in front of a bus to get a few minutes of time from these guys, so I figured I’d make the most of this stroke of luck (good or bad, you call it).  I will write later on my take away on the policy positions of these two candidates, but let me start out with, they are both fairly nice people.

As a former secretary, I am very aware that you can learn alot from a person if you watch the way they treat the people who work for them.  During the first morning break, we all left our seats to soup up on the coffee that was offered.  I got back to my seat and noticed that the young staffer with Bruun had gotten into an animated discussion with a very attractive young lady at one of the booths.  As they carried on their discussion, the young lady sat down in the chair that had the candidate’s jacket on it.  The next session began, and the two young folks were in the rep’s chair.  Well, Bruun came back a minute or so after the session started to find he had no chair. 

Of course, this is the moment people watchers adore.  It’s a character test to see how someone reacts to this sort of thing.  Bruun took in the situation in a glance, smiled for a moment, and then the intrepid congressman went in search of another seat. 

I pride myself on voting with my brains and always looking at policy positions.  In this case scenario, my vote may have been irrevocably changed by the hopeless romantic in me.  Lift up a glass with me to toast a chivalrous guy giving up his chair to a young couple.  Aaaah, spring…