Fred Thompson Runs for Representative in Oregon...Sort Of

Kurt Schrader, representative of the fifth congressional district in Oregon has an easy seat to defend.  Oregon is a truly blue state and the Democratic party has gone on record as being willing to pay to help re-elect the first term representative.  Scott Bruun has already entered the race as a Republican opponent.  Bruun is an attractive state representative who is known for his record of working across party lines.  Surprisingly for Oregonians, a different kind of conservative candidate has thrown his hat in the ring.  Fred Thompson, not the one married to Jeri, has decided to run for this seat.

Bruun’s website is very attractive, but it doesn’t outline Bruun’s stand on any of the issues.  One can surmise from his voting record several positions.  In stark contrast, Fred Thompson, retired businessman, lays out definite positions on most issues.  He stands in good position to claim an endorsement from the tea party groups in Oregon. 

I have heard some liberals who have gloated that this is the way to defeat Republicans in 2010: pit a tea party candidate against a Republican and the Democrat will be the winner (well, what else can they recommend themselves with?).  With my ear to the ground out here in Oregon, I have to admit that I believe this state will be a red state in December 2010.  Kurt Schrader is a Pfizer trust fund recipient who has the big sugar lobby as his largest campaign contributor to date (how many folks in the Pacific Northwest work on sugar plantations do you think?)  There is also great unrest in Oregon.  Oregon has implemented many eco-policies and raised taxes in the middle of this recession.  The results are predictable: the second highest unemployment in the country, a loss of businesses in the state, and en enormous government dripping with lobbyists, unions, and other sycophants drawing government dollars.  The question becomes: will a Republican who can unite conservatives and moderates be able to defeat the huge liberal tax funded machine in the state?  No matter who ends up running, this is an election to watch.