What the Press Doesn't Say

As you can probably tell, this diary is really about a layman (that would be me) interpreting the health care bill.  From time to time, I will be going off the reservation as I feel strongly about an issue at hand.

In my generation, the things that media reports don’t define them nearly as much as the things they choose not to report.  I will always remember that the mainstream media chose not to report on the ACORN scandals.  If it weren’t for Fox News, most would never have heard of the videos that were created by two young reporters.  The reasons mainstream media chose not to report were transparently political in nature.  It is incredibly revealing that there wasn’t even a serious attempt at spin on this motivation.  The mainstream media simply didn’t want to report anything that controverted their ongoing narrative regarding ACORN.

Fox News, in stark contrast, elected not to release the name of the accused shooter in the Ft. Hood shootings today until it was confirmed by the military.  I can see from other reports on blogs that other mainstream media outlets have released this name.  The reason that Shepherd Smith gave for not giving out the name of the suspect was that he didn’t want to irresponsibly do something that cannot be undone.  Fox News has consistently demonstrated honor in their dealings that is conspicuously absent from other news media.  I am impressed.