The "Affordable" Health Care Act, Please

OK, they gave it a shortened title (funny, it didn’t occur to them to shorten anything else within the bill…):

(a) SHORT TITLE.This Act may be cited as the  ‘‘Affordable Health Care for America Act’’.


Does it strike anyone else amusing that they create a shortened name for this 2000 page bill?  It’s creepy.  Halloween was a good time to put this out.  It’s like an oxymoronic joke. 

Oh please!  Who do these guys think they’re fooling?  If this act is SO freaking affordable, why do they have to charge for it in installments for years before you actually receive any benefits?  It’s like the sinister negative of rental furniture.  Pay for it and if you’re really poor afterwards, we’ll let you have the benefit of your investment.  Wow!  That’s mighty big of you!  At least the eerie rental furniture places take their 70’s era couches back at the end of the contract, the health care bill shows no means of erradicating the government program that keeps on taking.  


I hate people who try to make something seem nicer by “prettying up” the language.  It’s not a bug, it’s an unadvertised effect.  No, it’s a bug.  Liberals seem to think so little of the people they represent that they believe people will buy into their name change advertising campaign.  Well, I bring news.  I suppose this can work for some industries, but I promise you that in most businesses, we are very aware that we are being cheated, no matter what you call this bill.