The Goal of Healthcare Reform

I am going to read the “Affordable Health Care for America Act” and make commentary.

To many, the goal of healthcare reform can be summarized in a single phrase: “Lower my premium.”  It might surprise many of those who want healthcare reform that the goal of the house legislation is not to lower healthcare costs.


To be specific, the goal as stated in the legislation is:

   Goal:   To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.


It is important to note the goal of “reducing the growth in health care spending”.  I thought it was going to cause health care spending to lower?  Apparently not.  They don’t expect it.  This bill won’t cause it.  So, in answer to all of those who expect lower premiums because the helpful government has come to our assistance, that is NOT the goal of this legislation.  Their goal of reducing health care spending isn’t referring to personal spending, but public spending.  It would seem that the best way to reduce public health expenditures is to spend far more on it.  If this seems irrational, recognize that they don’t expect anyone to actually read this bill.  Thus, the words they use are unimportant to them.   


Additionally, the Speaker made it clear that this bill won’t provide health care for all Americans.  As that negates two out of three of the stated goals, rolling out the door, I’d like to hear a bit more about the “other purposes” they have in mind.  To bankrupt future generations?  To create state legislative chaos?  Or are those just incidental outcomes that go along with this stuff? 

Maybe they could have made this sound more nefarious, but I’m not entirely certain how.