MA Politics

The only thing going on here is more dems being caught with thier hands in till, Diane Wilkerson, now Turner.  Turner did it for $1,000.  They are all corrupt here, and we have no county Republican party, barely a Mass GOP party.  We have Obama’s political brother as gov, Coupe DeValle as he was nicknamed early in his administration because he didn’t want the Crown Vic that was good enough for Mitt Romney, but had to have a Caddy, at our expense.  The Weekly Standard, mostly Dean Barnett did almost an entire issue in March devoted to the two of them Obama and Patrick. There was also the scandal of Patrick and his drapes, desk for his office, again at our expense.  Now there is the toll problem, to pay for, of all things, the Big Dig, that started more than 20 years ago, it’s a mess, it leaks, it killed a woman in 2006.  It got rid of congestion on the major Boston Routes, but not on others, it increased traffic every other way into Boston.


Sound familiar?  LIke Chicago, all dems?