Want to Improve Education? Ban Teachers Unions!

Ok. In my dreams the Genie grants me one wish (and only one) to improve the state of education in this country. What do I wish? BAN TEACHERS UNIONS!

Will Obama do this? Certainly not. Teachers Unions are among his ardent supporters and he will not rock that boat. I have heard nothing new or different from him regarding improving the state of education in this country. So much for real change. Am I mad that my tax dollars are being squandered year after year, at the behest of teachers unions, towards a woefully inferior school system? YES.

Do I despise all unions? NO, but I do have serious issues when government employees, who are paid with taxpayer monies to provide essential services, are unionized. Especially, when the Unions demands conflict with the taxpayers needs. Taxpayers should be the union making demands of their employees!

McCAIN can and will challenge the Unions and there practices. Do I think all teachers are bad? NO. Teachers work for the taxpayers, at taxpayers expense, for the purpose of providing the best possible education for the taxpayers CHILDREN. Are teachers well paid? YES, especially when you consider the fabulous benefits they receive as civil servants (much better, I might add than what one typically finds in the private sector). Should fantastic teachers be paid more? YES, just like in the real world. Should crummy teachers be fired immediately for doing a poor job? YES, just like in the real world. Teachers Unions do not support performance based pay increases, they want them all, good or bad to be paid more.

Should parents be allowed to home school their children, send them to Charter or Private schools because they choose to do so? YES, my civil rights demand it. Should teachers unions be able to make it more difficult for Charter schools to exist? NO, but they do because they are threatened by them. Should the government provide vouchers or increased tax credits for parents who make alternative choices? YES, as my taxpayer dollars are not being well spent in the current system I have a right to spend them to get the job done right. Will funds diverted to alternative schooling choices “ruin” our public school system? NO. Will performance based pay ruin our public school system? NO. Will firing bad teachers ruin our school system? NO. Will allowing retired professionals, scientists, business leaders etc. teach our students ruin our school system? NO, NO, NO.

But the teachers unions will have you believe otherwise. Wise up to their self-serving propaganda and demand change for your children.

Read the McCAIN/PALIN stand on education now.


Sincerely, Carolina in Albuquerque