I was struck the other day while sitting behind an automobile (yes an auto, not a bike) in traffic. There were to many bumper stickers to count. Here are a few examples, – Obama 08 – Secure our Social Security – McCAIN 4 more of the same – PEACE is PATRIOTIC – 9/11 was a Conspiracy – Coexist – Impeach Bush – Pro Choice. Well you get the idea, there were even some with animals pictures, but I didn’t have time to fully educate myself on the individuals opinions, as thankfully the light turned green. Ok so what exactly was I struck by. First, I never see McCAIN supporters with this sort of barrage of stickers on their autos. Now some might criticize McCAIN supporters as not passionate enough. Maybe, but perhaps other explanations are in order. Second and most importantly I was struck by a quote I used to describe the philosophy of Dead Heads at the couple of Grateful Dead concerts I attended in my college days (now all you Dead Heads who have since moderated your views somewhat don’t scream at me, this was just an observation, opinion yes possibly even a stereotype). The quote was, “Peace, Love and Happiness…. As Long As You Live Your Life The Way I Think You Should”. Now I feel the same quote applies to the bumper sticker happy Obama fans. I can think of very few examples of a group of less peaceful, less tolerant people. These people are the least tolerant and the least open to change, that exist. Peace will never come by not accepting the views of those around you or haranguing people with strongly derisive bumper stickers. Give it some thought.

“Peace Begins With Me””Live By Example””Don’t Tread On Me”

Sincerely, Carolina in Albuquerque