The Rengel Rule and other fun Legislative Ideas

The Rengel Rule immunizes taxpayers from owing back taxes and interest on taxes by simply writing Rengel Rule on their Taxform.

I got a better idea. Or a few.

Hillary Clinton called Dissent Patriotic and I accept that with one caveat, the highest form of Dissent is Sedition and Treason.

I offer your the Dissent Taxation Act. It immunizes any American from paying taxes, all they gotta do is write ‘Dissent’ on their Tax Form and the IRS refunds their taxes, and not just for that year, all previous taxation. Not just Payroll, FICA and Social Security taxation but every form of Taxation government places on the people. Great Idea isn’t it?

Now, with Earmarks in mind, I propose the Taxpayer Earmark Act. Any Taxpayer can Earmark their Taxes to go to a specific use such as Defense Spending. Congress does it, shouldn’t we be allowed to?

And in the line of Dissent, the Dissent Fairness Doctrine Act. Whenever the Party in Power takes a position, the Opposition Dissent must be aired, printed, posted and broadcast by the Media for a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes. And the gist of the Dissent must scroll on Televized Media on the ticker-tap at the bottom or top of the screen.

And lastly, the Chickenhawk Act. How many times has this fallacious ad hominem been slung? With that in mind, this act requires to things. The person holding the Position must have some substantial experience in the matter at hand or must subject himself to it on life TV. An example is if someone advocates helping the poor, especially in Foreign Countries, they must have or must go and do it. If they wanna stop AIDS in Africa, they must go to Africa and teach Sex Ed classes, pass out condoms, perform medical exams and draw blood for testing.

Anymore ideas to slip into Legislation just to rattle Democrat cages?