The Candidates STILL suck. Pick one.

And vote for him.

Last December, 16th, I wrote “All The Candidates SUCK. Pick One.

The readers here were gracious enough to put it on the front page and add 231 comments to it.

Apparently, from what I’ve been reading here and across the web…..Conservatives ARE STILL NOT GETTING IT!

Unless there is a miracle, Mitt Romney will defeat Rick Santorum in the primaries.

THAT SUCKS.   Obama winning the election…. that SUCKS MORE.

But, Mitt Romney is who people are choosing….. for whatever reason.  Even Marco Rubio endorses him.

And yet……..  I still read that conservatives are going to refuse to vote for Mitt Romney if he’s the candidate because he’s too progressive/rich/a flip-flopper/just like Obama, (fill in the blank).

Let me give you something to look at that describes Obama better than I can.  Here’s Bill Whittle.


Does the above describe Mitt Romney?  Is a Mitt Romney presidency WORSE than an Obama that does not need to be re-elected?  Can you imagine Mitt Romney telling a freaking Soviet Russian Premier President that he’s going to help them out on getting rid of OUR defenses….just let him get through his LAST election?  If you are not going to vote for Obama’s opponent because of principle….. because you believe that there’s no difference between the candidates or the parties…… that sitting out this election will teach someone a lesson……  Really?  Like a pacifist that refuses to defend himself, yet relies on the efforts of others, those that refuse to fight, that surrender, that take their balls and go home because their team captain wasn’t picked…. Go.  And if Obama wins, know that you are the reason.

Remember this.  Evil triumphs because good people do nothing, not because of actions on evil’s part.