Rolling Stone aids and abets the enemy....again

Rolling Stone magazine apparently enjoys writing hit pieces to damage the American military.

First there was Michael Hastings. He took down General McChrystal. He violated the journalistic principle of “off the record” to get any dirt he could. Of course, General McChrystal was stupid enough to grant him access and trusted him to write an objective story. And stupid enough to talk freely where Rolling Stones reporters were present. Hey, General! Its freaking Rolling Stone Magazine, what did you expect?

This idiot actually, then, tried to embed with an Army unit in Afghanistan. The Army said, “Um…, NO.”

However, Hastings continued his hit pieces with an idiotic story on supposed psy-ops being conducted against American politicians that were visiting Afghanistan to manipulate them in supporting more spending. His only source was a disgruntled officer that had been reprimanded by the CO of that command. Those familiar with the Army and “psy-ops” called BS on the story and disproved it in detail. Shocking, isn’t it, that the story was fiction……

Now, Rolling Stone is again attempting to smear the US military. Another jackass is writing about the soldiers that allegedly committed murder. THOSE soldiers were apparently stupid enough to pose with their victims. Writing about such crimes is a valid enterprise. Unfortunately, Rolling Stone, and more specifically Mark Boal, who produced the movie Hurt Locker, has decided to juxtapose actual proper combat procedure and the crimes. Boal, whose only exposure to the military has been the movie business, intermixes crime reporting with operations that took place elsewhere, in an effort to smear our soldiers and create a bigger story. And that story has been picked up internationally.

Michael Totten, a preeminent war reporter, had been embedded with the the unit involved. He’s calling BULLSH#T! on the the entire story. He points outs one example.

The online edition of the Rolling Stone story contains a section with a video called “Motorcycle Kill,” which includes our Soldiers gunning down Taliban who were speeding on a motorcycle toward our guys. These Soldiers were also with 5/2 SBCT, far away from the “Kill Team” later accused of the murders. Rolling Stone commits a literary “crime” by deceptively entwining this normal combat video with the Kill Team story. The Taliban on the motorcycle were killed during an intense operation in the Arghandab near Kandahar City. People who have been to the Arghandab realize the extreme danger there. The Soviets got beaten horribly in the Arghandab, despite throwing everything including the Soviet kitchen sink into the battle that lasted over a month. Others fared little better. To my knowledge, 5/2 and supporting units were the first ever to take Arghandab, and these two dead Taliban were part of that process.

Michael Yon has some suggestions on how to pay Rolling Stone back for their “support” of the troops. (Emphasis mine.)

I’ve found in the past that boycotts work. I led a boycott against one magazine and it went bankrupt. It’s doubtful that Rolling Stone will go bankrupt for its sins, but you can cost them money not by boycotting their magazine, but by boycotting their advertisers. That hurts. Just pick an advertiser whose products you already buy, boycott it, and tell the advertiser why you are not buying their product.

Support our troops. Boycott those that advertise in Rolling Stone.