Nine Years After the Attack

T oday, I will not be posting pictures of the attack on the Twin Towers. The images are still fresh in MY mind.

The war against jihad continues. Men and women are dying everyday in this war. Muslims, Christians, Pagans, Hindus, Jews are all dying in this war. Jihadists do not care whom they kill to advance their cause.

Nine years ago, the war that Islamists had been fighting was brought to our shores. Our first taste of it was in ’79, when the Ayatollah’s fanatics took our Embassy and spread his evil doctrines afar. We still did not understand the nature of our enemy even when the USS Cole was attacked. We refused to believe that the war being fought across the globe against Israel, non-radical Muslims, Christians, and Hindus could come here. To this day we STILL refuse to name the enemy officially. Today, Saudi Arabia finances mosques and madrassas across the world, including in the USA, to spread its poisonous Wahabbi doctrine.

Controversies such as the 9/11 Victory mosque, the shape of the Pennsylvania 9/11 memorial, the failure to rebuild at Ground Zero, the dismissal of experts that do not white wash Islam, the refusal to name Nidal Hissan a traitor or mention his motivation, and the continuing attempt to rename the war as something else and conduct it as a criminal investigation are all symptoms of unwillingness to acknowledge that this is a war. Congress, the administrations, and many of the people of America are scared to acknowledge that, while the majority of Muslims do not wish to commit terrorism, a great portion of them do support the actions of the jihadists, in spirit. It is only when Al Qaeda and its adherents abuse THEM that they begin to see the light.

Islam is not civilized. It has the trappings of civilization. Whole nations operate in a civilized manner. But, when its basic tenets are exposed, the basic philosophies are shown, the truth is illuminated. The 19 terrorists were not that different from the rest of Islam other than the fact that they were willing to take action. Are they that different from the suicide bombers seen throughout the Muslim world that are feted in Palestine, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia? They were only different on a matter of scale. The very fact that such acts are supported at all demonstrates that something is wrong with the philosophy of Islam and its world view.

The West is also to blame. Our refusal to understand that philosophy, our need to self-denigrate, our refusal to accept statements at face value and to follow up, all show weakness to an enemy that uses symbols to influence the audience of their cause. Our refusal to acknowledge a double standard within this country and the press endangers us.

Do you truly think that a tiny, unknown church’s desire to burn Korans would have made any impact without the need for the press to trumpet the evil of the act? Where is this press when anti-Semitic acts occur? Where is the press when churches do good? Where is the condemnation of Muslims when the advocate killing people in response to any offense? The West just shrugs and states, "Well, they’re Muslim. That’s how they are. Can’t change it. Its cultural." And so, violence and terrorism continues to succeed. Why SHOULD Islam change when violence has worked for 1400 years.

Remember, Christians may burn Korans, and be perceived as committing a wrong, even by fellow Christians.

Muslims will burn Christians and be applauded.

May God bless those that died by the actions of the terrorists.
May God grant that more heroes like those that ran into burning, collapsing buildings and those that run to the sounds of the gun, continue to be born to defend us.

God Bless America.