Apparently, President Obama Is Flexible

President Obama is going to kick his own ass. That should be on pay per view.

Even Rolling Stone knows whose ass needs to be kicked.

First, the President votes “present”, stating that he doesn’t have the authority to control the cleanup. Then,

“The buck,” he reiterated the next day on the sullied Louisiana coastline, “stops with me.”

By this, I’m sure, he meant that BP had paid him a lot of money.

Wait,……what? That’s not what he meant? So, even though he took responsibility for everything, he still has to find out whose ass has to be kicked? Um, dude…….if you don’t know by now, perhaps we need someone that has a clue. Even though, he says that his administration was in control of everything, HE STILL DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. He’s still trying to blame OTHERS.

Red tape keeps miles of booms in a warehouse in Maine.
Assistance from the Netherlands has been delayed.
State governments have been tied up by red tape for weeks.
Possible private solutions ignored.
The Government is making things worse.

Obama is failing to lead.

Heck, he hasn’t even been good at “organizing” the response.

I don’t think he WANTS to actually be in charge, he just wants the credit for fixing it.