Memorial Day

In honor of our brothers and sisters that have gone before us,
that have paid the price for our freedom,
for their families and loved ones that wonder, “Why?

Here is the answer.

Brothers in Arms…..Even Against Each Other

Americans have always fought for freedom. Even against each other.
We were a family divided. And family fights are always bitter.
But, if the battle does not destroy the family,
It becomes stronger.

Even then, we knew that though we were Union and Confederate…..
We were still…….Americans.

Over There

Americans have fought for the freedom of others.
Americans have fought against tyranny and invaders.
Americans do not lay in Flanders Fields.
Americans rest elsewhere.
But, those that lay in Flanders Fields, recognize their own.

The Greatest Generation

War was forced on Americans not long ago.
Similarly to the way it was in ’41.
Then, Americans stepped forward to do a job.
A job as important as the world.
And they did such a fine job,
that they were dubbed, ‘The Greatest.’
They were the ones chosen to save the world.
Some victories are bittersweet,
Many did not make it home.

Thank you.

The Forgotten War

The 25th of June saw a new war
Not a world war, but, one involving the world
An international war
The Forgotten War

Korean war vets sometimes considered themselves brothers apart
Remembered only by those that fought there
and the families that lost there


The Long Black Wall
Three Soldiers Stand Watch
The List of the Loved
Never Forget

God’s Music for the Unknown

Not All are Known
Not All are Returned
But All are Honored

The War on Terror

Not All that Fight are Soldiers,
Sailors, Airmen, Marines
The Men and Women Above Run towards the Fire Fight
These Men and Women
Ran INTO Fire

The First to Fight the War on Terror
Let’s Roll

The Sandbox and the ‘Stan

The Call had Gone Out
And Was Answered, Again
By the Young Men and Women of America
The Latest Greatest Generation

Thank God for Men and Women like These

To: The Fallen

To the Warriors That Gave All
And Fell
To the Brave Men and Women
That now watch over us
From the Golden Halls,
Forever Full of Grace

May we be worthy of your sacrifice

Thank you.

May God Have Mercy On Us All.

Day is Done

Not all wars or theaters have been mentioned
in my attempt to honor the fallen.

But all the Fallen are honored.