I Hereby Throw My Total Support to Our President

President Obama has revealed himself to be a true centrist after all. His decision to go against the green movement and open Virginian offshore areas to oil and gas exploration has clinched the deal. His departure from his former emphasis on alternative energy and his new embrace of traditional energy supplies shows that he is willing to stand up to special interests that do not have our best interests in mind. He has moved away from his previous plans and accepted reality . His goa l of energy independence for America is a laudable one. Claims that President Obama may be trying to buy votes for Cap and Trade are ridiculous. President Obama is famed for his honesty.

President Obama’s mastery of diplomacy has opened doors for Americans throughout the world. His nuanced approaches have brought us new friends and allies while further evolving our relationship with traditional allies . Our influence is spreading across the globe. Americans can now hold their head up proudly and show the flag.

With the signing into law, the recent historic health care reform act, Americans have come full circle, able to pass on to our children the same comfort many of our ancestors had in the arms of of their homelands. No more will our children and our children’s children have to worry; they will be taken care of as if in a nanny’s arms.

His leadership has led us into new and exciting territory! His leadership has inspired millions and brought new life to the political landscape. For THIS REASON , I throw my support to our fearless leader.