Its not about Health Care. Its about Power.

What is it that the Left promises?

Yes, I know, but free energy from unicorn farts IS mythical. Well, then again, so is most of what the Left says is mythical…..but I digress.

The Progressives promise more efficient government services. The Progressives promise that the government will help you. The Progressives promise that THEY will save you through the power of this or that government scheme.

The Conservatives (not necessarily the GOP) want the government to return to its Constitutional role of leveling the playing field for its citizens so that they may freely pursue their dreams. The Conservatives want the government to only referee, not be in the game.

Mark Steyn nails it: (emphasis mine)

Since January, his successor has used the economic slump as a pretext to “reform” health care. Most voters don’t buy it: They see it as Obama’s “war of choice,” and the more frantically he talks about it as a matter of urgency the weirder it seems. If he’s having difficulty selling it, that’s because it’s not about “health.” As I’ve written before, the appeal of this issue to him and to Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank et al is that governmentalization of health care is the fastest way to a permanent left-of-center political culture — one in which elections are always fought on the Left’s issues and on the Left’s terms, and in which “conservative” parties no longer talk about small government and individual liberty but find themselves retreating to one last pitiful rationale: that they can run the left-wing state more effectively than the Left can. Listen to your average British Tory or French Gaullist on the campaign trail, pledging to “deliver” government services more “efficiently.”

Any Republican that cooperates with this madness DESERVES to lose his/her seat. Any “conservative” Democrat that cooperates with this madness also deserves to lose their seat or be exposed for the lickspittles that they are.

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