ERISA - Do you know what it means?

Neither did I. And the powers that be don’t want you to know either. Have you seen how these “health care” bills are written? Or the existing regulations?

During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church was in charge. All power was based on God’s approval. And only the priesthood could read Latin….
Similarly, the mullahs do the same thing in the muslim world. The Koran is in Arabic. And only the imams read Arabic…..

Now, power seeking entities seek control over your lives. Insurance companies, governments, lobbyists, etc, all want to control and guide your choices.

William Tucker at The American Spectator explains it all:

But let’s get back to my original point, which is that liberals speak a different language when they talk about healthcare. Here’s what the Brookings Institution recommends for resolving the problem:

• Link “meaningful use” health IT [Information Technology] bonuses to achieving better results as part of systems of quality measurement, quality improvement, and care coordination.

• Create interoperability and provider communications standards, with a focus on filing priority gaps in standards for practical exchange.

• Fund technical support programs to ensure providers adopting health IT have access to comprehensive support for overcoming implementation challenges.

• Create an entity [that means a federal government panel] to allocate CER [Comparative Effectiveness Research] based on the expected value of the evidence to be developed, including the national burden of disease and the likelihood that the research will lead to real improvements in care.

• Emphasize areas of medical uncertainty, public health interventions, and broad provider practice patterns and the policies that influenced them.

I don’t know about you but most of these sentences sound like the kind you compose with refrigerator magnets. What in god’s name are they talking about?

Now I know what the answer will be. “You don’t have the expertise to know what they’re talking about.” I’m sure that’s true. There must be a level of non-profit, policymaker executive authority at which this all jargon makes sense.

But that’s the whole point. None of this is supposed to be comprehensible to ordinary individuals. It’s not written for people who take part in the system. It’s written for people who see the major players as chess pieces to be moved around the board.

Obama wants us all to have choice. Apparently, through ERISA, unions, large corporations, and the self insured, perhaps 90% of the insured, already have choice. Governments don’t like that.

Go read the rest.

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