And this is why we need to actually, you know, REFORM Medicare....

Obama wants to “fix” our ENTIRE system.  Yet, he won’t touch Medicare, unless its to gut it of money to pay for HIS plan. He wants to hand over hour health system to the same idiots that do piecemeal planning like this in order to “save money”.  They want to overhaul the private system but won’t fix what THEY broke….


Although the government regularly pays $100,000 or more for kidney transplants, it stops paying for anti-rejection drugs after only 36 months.The health care bill moving through the House of Representatives includes a little-noticed provision that would reverse the policy, but it is not clear whether the Senate will follow suit.

Bills have been introduced in Congress since 2000 to lift the 36-month limit and extend coverage of immunosuppressant drugs indefinitely. They have never made it to a vote, largely because of the projected upfront cost; the Congressional Budget Office estimates that unlimited coverage would add $100 million a year to the $23 billion Medicare kidney program.