Why Recycle?

As a small business in California, we have a lot of restrictions and laws that we have to follow. We do commercial printing of newspapers, and so we have a lot of newsprint that is wasted in setting up the print jobs and over-runs. We have always recycled this newsprint because it is the responsible thing to do, and we always got back a little bit of money for the newsprint containers. Believe me, it was no where near what we paid for the newsprint, but it definitely made it worthwile. A few weeks ago, we called our local recycler to pick up our container (like a huge dumpster) and we were greeted with the message that they were no longer accepting any newsprint for recycling. Come to find out, China is no longer accepting newsprint from us.

Now, I had assumed that our recycling was done here in California, since we (as a state…government) place so much importance on recycling – mandatory sorting of garbage, etc. But no, we ship our recycling to China to deal with, and since they are refusing to take it, the value of newsprint recycling is ZERO. Now instead of getting a couiple of hundred dollars for recycling, they are going to charge us a couple of hundred dollars to pick up the load.

So much for incentives on recycling! And, oh yeah, they are raising the cost of newsprint again!!!