Can You, POTUS, Hear Us Now?

The other night, when POTUS spoke to the joint session, I felt like that chamber was really small as POTUS stood there giving his Don’t Upset the Donkey Cart speech. He was small – a miniature person tossing around miniature words. That chamber shrank in its grandeur of symbolism and ideas.

The combative tone of the speech… the attempted smackdowns to silence opposition to the “plan”… the manipulations . . . All of this made for a wee speech in that chamber, where the room shrank, the words were miniature and the people were small.

“If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out.” –POTUS, 9-9-09, Joint Session

Seems Joe Wilson got the first smackdown, POTUS; but you can rest assured We the People will get the last! So, POTUS, while you’re busy calling us out – we will be busy shouting you down. Let me repeat that – we will be busy SHOUTING YOU DOWN. Uh oh!

Hey, Joe Wilson!? Do not stand on that floor and apologize. Do not take our oxygen away because the We the People Community Organization (WPCO) is rumbling full steam ahead.

Be smart! Be safe! Peace!

Let’s Roll…