Our Own King Begonia

The comedian Flip Wilson once told the story of King Begonia of the Kingdom of Begonia. According to the story, the peasants of Begonia loved their King, and every time he spoke they would shout, “Hooray King Begonia! Hooray King Begonia!”  One day, King Begonia issued a Royal Proclamation (reading from the Royal Teleprompter, no doubt).

The King said, “He who has nothing shall have less, and that which he has shall be taken from him.”

And how did the peasants respond to this?  Of course, they yelled, “Hooray King Begonia! Hooray King Begonia!”

America, it seems, has our own King Begonia.  No matter how ludicrous the President’s royal proclamations may be, the media peasants all shout “Hooray King Obama! Hooray King Obama!” Never mind if today’s proclamation directly conflicts with yesterday’s proclamation. Both were absolutely right.  And if you doubt it you must be a) uninformed, b) a right wing radical, c) a racist, or d) all of the above and Fox News.

Of course, we shouldn’t get upset if Obama’s actions shred the constitution.  After all, that is just an old outdated document of negative liberties, full of things that the government can’t do (like take away all of your freedoms and choices, like regulating every aspect of your life).  According to Obama-ism, we really need to add some positive features to that old document. We need addendums that tell what the government has to do for you.

Yes, that all sounds benign and good in theory.  But as Yogi Berra once said, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

Those, so-called positive liberties would most likely evolve into what the government does “to you” and what it takes “from you”. Liberals will tell you that these progressive changes are for the good of the people.  And if a few (million) people are inconvenienced along the way, well, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Now where have I heard that before?  Yes, it was in a Star Trek movie. But the original line was written by this obscure fellow named Karl Marx, as part of the Communist Manifesto.  Yes, those are definitely words to live by… if you live in a communist society.  But in America, the needs of the individual, the rights of the individual outweigh the needs of the government to grab power. The needs of the individual outweigh the needs of President Obama to fundamentally transform this country to something it has never been, and something
it was never meant to be.

As I think about the King Begonia story, it strikes me that the reason it is funny is because it is so ridiculous.  Today, with our current King, things are just as ridiculous, but they sure aren’t funny.