In late 2005/early 2006 I wrote a diary entry about hard times I had fallen on. I had lost my job and had no prospects in sight, yet I was determined to persevere. I was not going to take the liberal way out and become a victim. One of the commentors said something about making lemonade out of lemons, which I guess best surmises what I was trying to say. I already had a four-year degree, but the job market wasn’t offering much for an average business school grad (I wasn’t at the top of my class nor had a passion for the field) so I went back to school, worked very hard and my family sacrificed. I wanted a better future for my daughter, wife and myself. In December I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Last week I found out I passed the state boards and I am now a registered nurse. I have a good job with a good future.


I could have taken the victim road (before I traveled down the path I followed), after all, I did what I was supposed to – I went to school, earned a four-year degree but “the man” wouldn’t give me a job (the thought crossed my mind). But the fact is that I muddled my way through school and thought that I was owed a job. I did nothing to differentiate myself from the millions of other business grads who had done the same.


So, I had a choice, blame others for my misfortune or do something to better my lot. I chose the latter. The last 3 years have been hard. I had to sit at home and study when I could have been out with friends and family. My family had to do without simple things, such as eating out, going to movies, low budget vacations and nothing more than basic cable TV (I needed my FoxNews), etc. Today, in the midst of “the worst financial crisis in the history of the universe”, our lot in life is good. I know that can all change, but the fact is that I have a job that is in demand. I am a big, physically strong male nurse (which does give me an advantage) who once I am past my new nurse orientation should be able to survive our current economic predicament (regardless of what the current President does). Hard work has paid off. The reason I am conservative is because I held myself to account for my actions. If you work hard then you will get ahead. I always had a decent work ethic, but the last three years showed me what “hard work” is. Working 40-hour weeks is not hard work. That is just getting by. Getting ahead is putting in 16-hour days and getting paid for 4 of them, knowing that the other 12 hours are an investment in the future. We have gone from a family of three making $55,000 per year to a family of three making $110,000 per year without tuition payments. In better days, that family income would be likely to jump quite a bit(who knows what the future holds with a socialist in the white house), but I am content that we are where we are today.


Life is hard, and just because we are Americans doesn’t mean we are owed anything. Maybe in Obama’s America we are, but in the real world conservative principles will get you ahead, liberal principles will leave you in the abyss.


I want to thank God for giving my family and I the strength, my wife, who dealt with more than she should have and my daughter, who sacrificed her daddy for all them nights stuck in the office (my study room) to do “homework” so that we can be better off.