Reagan Revolution, part 2

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I remember the first time I heard Reagan speak to the RNC back in 1976 in my dorm room at Morehead.  It wasn’t when he first ran on the ticket but 4 years before that.  He had run in the primary but didn’t win the nomination.  However he was given the opportunity to speak at the RNC and his plain talk and down home wit won him a following from that point on.
He was the GOVERNOR of California.  And I became a member of the Reagan Revolution at that point.   On that night I became a Republican and no longer a Democrat, bucking my family’s generations of Democrats.
This common sense, humorous, plain talking guy was speaking to the values that I held dear to my heart.  No longer was the Republican party one of white collar rich white men, but actually had a guy standing there who said he would cut our taxes, like John Kennedy had.  He would stand up to the cold war, like Roosevelt did.  He spoke with words and with a presence of being "one of us", like Lincoln did.  And whatever party he was associated with, I wanted to be part of that political party.
In 1994 President Reagan gave a farewell address to us.  I knew then that something special had been lost to both America and the Republican party.  It was such a sad day in that no more would the witticisms of Reagan ever be heard again by the American Public.  Then the Bush’s came on board with their moderation, lack of real conviction that we could really feel.  More of the rich old white collar rich man.  But the Democrats were even worse with their left wing that wants abortions for all, tax us to the grave, and allow the Government to rule us instead of being representative to us.
Tonight, his successor came forward.  She has those qualities that he had.  She knows when to lay down a line.  She knows how to throw a punch with a smile on her face.  She knows instinctively, as he did, how to work a room to a frenzy.  She has the Charisma and the REALNESS that we haven’t seen in any politicians since Reagan.  She has MY core values, family, guns, life, Christianity.  Like Reagan had.
Thank YOU John McCain for bringing Sarah Pallin to the American public!  We are now entering the Reagan Revolution, Part 2!
Jennifer Smith (and yes you may pass this on)