Obama is NOT a Black American!

Did you notice Obama never even ONCE mentioned King in the speech or race or anything even remotely related to the struggle of the great black American’s?  He can’t because he is NOT part of this.
He is not a Black American!  Excuse me!!!  He is the son of a Kenyan elite PRINCE and a white momma.  No Black American to be found in his background in any way, shape, or form.  His daddy was given a free ride to college in America, although the Obama family in Kenya are the top of the elite and the ruling kingdom.  To even compare him to black America is a slap in the face to the black leaders who have actually worked their way out of the stigma of black America.
His 2nd daddy was an Indonesian Arab who is the man who influenced him.  And he never EVER gives any credit to any of these people.  Barak (go read his books if you can stomach it) does give a lot of credit to his Kenyan family, and even shows photos of his visits to Kenya and wearing the tribal ROYALTY garb of his family.  Nor does he credit his upbringing in Jakarta, Indonesia where he was immersed in radical Islam through a school that gave him his fundamental foundation through his elementary schooling.  This school taught jihad!  Read this article to see the fundamental primary education that shaped Obama.  http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2006/11/islamic_jihad_i.html
Remember, he was raised radical Islam Muslim, NOT Christian.  Someone who is a truly reformed radical Islam into Christianity will have as their foremost message how wrong Islam is.  He NEVER has repudiated his Jihad style education!
Although Obama’s grandparents are still alive, both here in America, and in Kenya, he never ONCE mentioned ANY of them in his acceptance speech.  They showed lemon-lips Michelle and his 2 children.  NOTHING ELSE.  Contrast that to the HUGE family that graced the stage of McCain, INCLUDING his BLACK adopted daughter!
BTW, in South Chicago, originally home of the most horrid of places where White American Irish worked, and the political machine ate people up, as well as the home of the worst working conditions ever in America (the Chicago stock yards and slaughter houses), the white Irish American’s raised themselves out of poverty and left.  The stockyards closed, and welfare blacks moved in.  I still haven’t figured out what a community organizer does inside the South Chicago political machine other than rabble-rouse.  And just as Bill Clinton did before him, Obama went there to work toward a political career (Clinton leaving college to become a politician, just as Obama did).  He didn’t do this out of any concern or allegiance to his fellow black Americans because he was NEVER one of them.  He did it because that was a place to ingrain himself into the Chicago political machine and work his way into American politics.  They teach this at Harvard Law School.  The goal of Harvard Law school is to produce more politicians.
Don’t drink the purple kool-aid.  Doing so will lead you to the same fate as another group of drinkers in Jonestown, Guyana.