Can we (the people) stop Obama?

The talk of how to defeat Obama in the 2012 election started about thirty seconds after it was confirmed he won the 2008 election. For the majority of the conservatives out there, we knew that Obama taking office was going to be a disaster and he has not failed to deliver every step of the way. With the 2012 election right around the corner, we are still asking ourselves “How do we defeat Obama?” With the billion dollars he is expected to have at his disposal for his campaign and the constant smoke screens the liberal media and his supporters will continually throw up to hide the real issues, it isn’t going to be an easy task but a critical one if we plan on having any hope for the future of this great nation.

As the GOP continues to look for that perfect candidate and, of course, a willingness from that candidate to participate in the election, there are critical stances that candidate must take in order to be successful. It is going to take stellar principals, a rock solid record, and firm conservative values. I enjoyed how the conservatives4palin.com put it when they said that the candidate has to show a “clear contrast” to Obama. You wouldn’t think that would be too hard, all things considered, but with Obama’s full time staff of strategists twisting and turning every real issue until it is upside down and backwards, we cannot underestimate the task at hand.

The people at conservatives4palin.com continue to go on and mention that whoever the GOP candidate ends up being, they must decisively win over the Republican party base and I couldn’t agree more. There cannot be any division within the conservative party once that candidate is determined. We cannot have conservatives refusing to vote.  When we move forward on Election Day, it must be as one body, united and focused on the task at hand. That task, as Pat Boone so eloquently described at the recent CPAC conference, relieving President Obama of his command.

How does the Republican party do just that? Well, the people at conservatives4palin.com went onto mention and the way this needs to happen is by finding a candidate with a firm standing on “all three pillars of conservatism (fiscal, social, and strong foreign policy).” It is imperative that Republican party candidate stands firm on these issues in a true conservative manner.

Obama’s lack of fiscal responsibility has dug us into a deep hole that cannot be fixed overnight. It is going to take innovation and someone with a proven track record of success in fiscal management. President Obama clearly does not have an understanding of economics and his massive expansion of the government with program after program that we simply cannot afford has caused the US economy and the taxpayers to be burdened more than ever. It is going to take a true conservative approach on spending and taxation to provide any reformation in our fiscal situation.

You cannot discuss fiscal responsibility without going on to discuss the social ramifications that President Obama’s fiscal negligence has placed upon every man, woman, and child in the United States. This great nation was founded on those timeless ideals that were born out of the Enlightenment.  Our founders studied and valued those lessons of a free market economy and the freedom of the people to act in behalf of their own self-interest. It was believed this philosophy could raise the nation and the world to heights that history had never seen. 

They believed in the people’s ability to work from the bottom up to advance liberty and the human experience and not look to a monolithic central authority for their guidance and manna.  Obama has never respected this type of belief in the individual and can only see solutions for our many troubles coming from a progressive and arrogant Washington mindset that believes the people are just not capable of making their own decisions and that intellectuals are our only hope for moving not only forward but upward.

We must have a president into office that respects the individual and values what the individual can bring to the table. Not a president that feels that the individual is so unintelligent that they certainly could not know what is best for themselves and their family. Not a president that is so consumed by their own legacy that they are willing to let the voices of the American people fall upon deaf ears.

Finally, we must have a candidate that can provide a solution for a true reformation on global policy as well. It is obvious, and has been for a very long time, that President Obama is completely out of his element in foreign policy especially at a time when the Mideast is being destabilized. With many Mideast oil producing countries currently in turmoil and the oil market reacting to the possible decrease in supply, because of the Obama Administrations policies of no drilling in Anwar and the Gulf of Mexico moratorium, we find ourselves in the worst possible situation. President Obama has continually put America second as a global priority and this just cannot happen.

Around the globe in this the most troubling time in recent history we find ourselves with a rank amateur at the helm of the last, best hope for freedom and stability in the world, the United States.  It is easy to list the many troubles currently facing the world but hard to list the ideas and solutions coming from the current White House.  I get this feeling that the Obama administration is just buttoned down into this reactionary mode of “let’s wait and see what happens next and then create a feeble response that will not have a negative impact on our polling numbers”. 

In some ways I feel that we are reaping the fruits of our own labors as American voters when we do not do our homework and elect someone to the highest office in the world by choosing image and style over ability and accomplishments.  I pray that Obama can find a way to deal with the maze that we find ourselves in but from reading his books and researching who he is I do not hold any hope that he is the man for the job.  By the time of the next presidential election we had better learn our lessons from the last one and make choices based on facts and truth and not fall for anymore lofty and heartfelt propaganda.

It has been very clear from the beginning that Obama’s administration is all about symbolism over substance and image over results. We simply cannot have this if we plan on having a prosperous future here in America. We need a candidate who can provide both substance and results.

The biggest question I put to all of you is as follows: With this in mind, who truly will be the candidate of the GOP, Tea Party, and all other conservatives who can and will guarantee us a one term legacy for Mr. Obama? It is not so simple an answer, is it?

This article was originally posted on www.capepac.org

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