Is Trump the Republican wild card?

While most of America is finding ways to save money and be more frugal, one man is forging ahead and building a new America, in Panama.  This week the Trump Organization opened its newest resort, The Trump Ocean Club, in Panama City.  Even as Donald Trump, and his corporation strive to put the nation; and indeed the world; back to work, some would like to focus on the other headline Trump unwittingly made this week; trailing by only three points to President Obama in a recent poll.  In the Newsweek/Daily Beast survey Trump trailed Obama 43%-40%, with a 3.5% margin of error.  Trump himself made notice of this on Youtube.com, but he also stated that he has not officially declared his candidacy for the Presidential race, but that he was merely considering it.  Trump stated that he would make a formal announcement sometime in June. 

Though running for the presidency is nothing that should be rushed into without careful thought, and planning, Trump seems to be seriously considering throwing his hat into the ring.  He scored within the margin of error on a serious and objective poll of potential candidates.  His position in this poll is as good as, or better than, most of the other potential Republican candidates being considered for 2012, and he’s not even trying.  Imagine what sort of numbers Trump could post if he put the full weight of his celebrity, corporation, and influence behind a campaign.  Also in the Youtube.com video Trump said things that resound with most Americans, that “Americans are tired of being ripped off…by big corporations and foreign nations.”  Trump has shown his ability to manage large corporations, and to bounce back from deep financial deficits.  Running on a platform of pledging to fix America’s economic crisis could be just what the doctor ordered for the people of this nation.  Trump also has the right attitude of restructuring, or cancelling, deals with OPEC nations, in an effort to control the price of oil. 

The same survey showed Trump also in a possibly dangerous position if he ran as an independent or under a third party ticket.  In those scenarios he would split the Republican and “moderate” vote and play spoiler for any other Republican candidate.  All the more reason why our Republican leadership should work with Trump and get him involved in claiming a Republican victory in 2012. In Trump the Republican Party has a unique opportunity in that with Trump comes an incredible amount of buzz, money, and power. We know that he is weak on our core conservative values in the social arena. However, his leadership and drive for American Exceptionalism – restoring America’s might around the world; restructuring our debt (which he has had to do with several of his companies); and strengthening our economy through smaller government, lower taxes and a focus on capitalism – may be our best option in 2012 as a stepping stone for a true conservative in the years that follow. Only time will tell, but we should at least keep an open mind.

This was originally posted on www.capepac.org