Why is the Media So Terrified of Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin is in the news again this week. But when isn’t she? The liberal media loves to attack Sarah Palin on anything she says. Any chance they get, they jump on her.

Being a woman and involved in politics, I am confused. Is it because she’s a conservative? Is it really that threating to the liberal media to have a female conservative? They seem to enjoy attacking Michelle Bachmann (but that’s for a different post).

The liberal media needs to realize that suffrage happened almost 100 years ago. Women have rights. Woman can and do run for political offices. Women can and do vote. And yet, the liberal media enjoys shredding Conservative women every chance they get.

Yesterday, Sarah Palin was discussing Michelle Obama’s comments about breast pumps being tax deductible. Personally, I believe this is a great move. However, I consider myself a “lactivist”, just my own personal view. I have nursed all three of my children. Breastfeeding is best (but again, that’s for a different post).

But if it had been Hillary Clinton or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz saying that breast pump deductions were creating a “nanny state” (as Sarah said) they would have been cheered for saving tax money. Then again, Democrats aren’t known for “saving” much of anything.

When Sarah Palin’s TLC documentary/television show Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered, it was slammed in the media. According to critics in the media, it was a “horrible” show that showed Sarah Palin attacking “defenseless” moose and traipsing across the Alaska wildlife. They (her critics in the media) portrayed her as a hillbilly in Alaska. After watching the show, I enjoyed it. It was a show about a hard working mother, raising her family (including her special needs child) and working in the political world. Isn’t this what our great grandmothers marched for? Isn’t this what they envisioned? Woman taking charge. Women making a difference. What’s wrong with that?

Apparently it is only okay to be a strong, politically involved woman if you’re a Democrat. But if women have rights, don’t we also have the right to believe in what we want to believe in? Apparently not according to the media.

If Sarah Palin wants to run for President in 2012, more power to her. While she hasn’t officially announced yet, it’s been a topic of discussion since 2008. Palin Watch 2012 has been an ongoing event. And it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

The attacks on Sarah Palin began as soon as she was announced as a VP candidate for McCain back in 2008. We all recall the famous line “I can see Russia from my house” which wasn’t even a quote of hers. It came from a line said by Tina Fey from her parody of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.  Katie Couric didn’t help the conservative female cause with her slanted interview of Sarah Palin as well.

If a woman is strong, raises her family and wants to make a difference in the world by being involved in politics, there’s nothing wrong with that. I thank women like Sarah Palin for being a trend setter and breaking new ground for women everywhere.

I’m sure people made Susan B. Anthony out to be a crazy woman as well. But I highly doubt it was her fellow woman. This shouldn’t be a gender war. All men (and women) were created equal. We should be treated as such in the media. Unless, I ask, what is it about Conservative women like Sarah Palin that scares the media so much?

This article was originally posted by Sarah B. at www.capepac.org. You can read it here: http://www.capepac.org/2011/02/why-is-the-media-so-terrified-of-sarah-palin/