Does Trump possess the qualities of a great Presidential candidate?

With the 2012 elections just around the corner, Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy talk has increased from just a rumor to a legitimate possibility. In fact, he is serious enough that he recently spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, along with several other potential Republican candidates. During his presentation there, he was very candid about his views on our current and future political situation. According to FoxNews.com he plans on making a decision regarding his political future sometime in June. Until then, we are left to hope that just maybe, as a nation, we might benefit from more than just a television show from this businessman extraordinaire.   


Despite what the experts say regarding Donald Trump’s electability, he possesses several great qualities that will, in the least, make him a great candidate in the upcoming race for President in 2012.


He is a straight shooter. Mr. Trump has been very open on where he stands on the most controversial of issues. This is like a breath of fresh air in the current evasive and less than honest political arena that we have grown so accustomed to. He is also convinced that if he were elected he could successfully lead our nation in the direction in which it needs to go – a direction of vitality and not of destruction. Some view his attitude as being overly arrogant but with the nation being in the condition that it is what do we really have to lose?


He knows success – many times over. Many of those who oppose Mr. Trump say he is overly confident. With Donald Trump’s very lengthy resume of success perhaps his confidence in his own ability to lead, create, and restore is well deserved. Even more so, this confidence may be what our country needs to not only survive but actually thrive as it once did. With the state that our nation is in, the idea of getting someone in office that knows how to get things done with fresh perspective sounds pretty nice right about now. Through his financial success, he obviously knows how to roll up his sleeves and get directly involved instead of passing it off to the next person to fix.


He gets the issues on the table. Trump is extremely outspoken and will tell you how it is, whether you want to hear it or not. He personally vows that if he is elected, our great nation will once again be respected globally as it well should be. With the blood, sweat, and tears of so many that have gone before us, don’t we owe it to our future generations to make this situation right sooner than later? Mr. Trump doesn’t hide his distaste for how our current administration is running things and he isn’t afraid to address the issues that so many other politicians tend to dance around.


He has already established his legacy. The Trump name is definitely well known and perhaps the fact that he is a household name could serve to be valuable during the election. According to a transcript provided by FoxNew.com when Donald Trump appeared on “On the Record” in November of 2010, he said that he already enjoys what he is doing tremendously but he sees that there needs to be a change. By trying to get elected he isn’t trying to create a legacy for himself because he already has one.


With our country in shambles the idea of hiring “The Donald” as our President may just be what we need to kick start our economy, restore our reputation, and become again what so many who have gone before us worked so hard to create. He is obviously successful. He obviously knows how to make things happen. Couldn’t we benefit from his wisdom and experience? In that same “On the Record” interview he was quoted as saying that: “We have to do something.”  Well, I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Trump and maybe, just maybe, he is the person to do that “something.”


What do you think?