Getting to know Evan McMullin: The only presidential candidate who is both a true conservative and qualified for the office he seeks (part 2)


In part 1, I wrote about why Evan is far more prepared to be president than Trump or Hillary, specifically in the areas of domestic policy, foreign policy/national security, and character.  In this part, I’ll continue that comparison, focusing on how they differ on being pro-life, how they’ve run their campaigns, and how their experiences, successes, and failures throughout their lives have shaped them and made them who they are today.

4)The pro-life cause-  

On paper, it appears Donald Trump and Evan McMullin have very similar positions on abortion.  But that’s where the similarities end, because Trump’s promises aren’t even worth the paper they’re printed on.  He says he’s pro-life, but you need to be drinking deeply of the Trump Koolaid to believe that claim.  Trump is anything but pro-life, as I explained here and here.

Hillary is no better, with her radical support for abortion at all nine months of pregnancy, and with her promotion of policies that make abortions easier, rather than harder to get.  Yet I believe having her as president would be better for the pro-life movement long-term.  The difference between her and Trump is that she doesn’t claim to represent us pro-lifers, whereas Trump does.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump would do great damage to the pro-life movement and even set us back years, for several reasons:

1)He’d turn young people off to the movement, particularly women.  In fact, he already is.

2)He’d make it really hard for conservatives to say we care about mothers just as much as we care about babies if we had a president who is known as a misogynist who clearly hates and disrespects women. If Republicans are trying to get pro-life bills passed, having Trump as president will make it harder for grassroots pro-lifers to defend those efforts because liberals will just point to Trump as the guy who represents us. We’ll have to spend more time distancing ourselves from him than we will making the case for why abortion hurts women and must be ended.

As this article explains, when we try to win hearts and minds, especially with younger people, our pro-choice opponents will simply point to Trump and say, “If you cared about women, you wouldn’t have helped elect a President who’s spent his entire life disrespecting them, so you’re only in this fight for religious reasons”. In the media, we’ll be smeared with a broad brush and lumped in with Trump and his misogynist supporters, who will no doubt still be active if he became president.

We need a leader who respects and values life, not just in the womb, but in all its forms and at all stages.  Evan is that leader.  He understands that we have to treat every human being with dignity, especially the people who are disabled, homeless, mentally ill, and abandoned or forgotten.  Being pro-life isn’t merely a religious stance, it’s a way of living and thinking about how we should live and treat others.  It’s an attitude that recognizes that God created each one of us in His image, and we should go out of our way to honor that reality by creating a culture of life, one that treats every person as a gift from God, no matter what they’ve done in the past, or how they’re viewed by society.

To do this, we need to promote pro-life policies that help both women and their babies, and Evan is doing that in his campaign.  But we also have to live in such a way as to show people who are pro-choice that this isn’t just an intellectual argument for us.  If we wanna win hearts and minds, the best way to do that is to model being pro-life with our own words and actions, and in how we treat others on a daily basis with the little things in life. Those often make more of a difference than big campaigns and policy proposals do.

Trump is the antithesis of everything pro-lifers have been fighting for for decades.  He lives his life as if God doesn’t exist, which would explain why he treats anyone who gets in his way like dirt.  For that matter, Hillary isn’t much better, she just does it behind the scenes.  But what more could we expect from two old New York liberals who’ve spent their lives living for themselves and making profits off the backs of the little guy (Trump), or taxpayers (Hillary)?

A man of faith and morals, who is by no means perfect, but who actually practices what he preaches is the antidote to such corrupt politicians.  Evan is that man, and the pro-life movement should welcome him with open arms as a future leader who will help us achieve our goal of starting a new era in this country, where our current culture of death is replaced by a culture of life.

5)Running a successful campaign-   

One way you can know if a presidential candidate is both serious about running for president and competent enough to do what it takes to win an election is by how they run their campaign.  Evan has run a highly efficient and competent campaign. When you compare what he’s done in a few short months to what Trump has done since he got into the race for president last June, it’s like night and day. He’s running circles around Trump.   He’s done many interviews, yet as far as I can tell, he hasn’t made a single gaffe, otherwise the media would have been all over it.

He’s attracted donors, competent professionals to his campaign team, and a passionate base of support in a very short period of time.  Imagine what he could’ve done if he started running in May, after Cruz dropped out and Trump became the presumptive nominee.

There are many statistics and factors one can use to measure the success and effectiveness of a political campaign, or lack thereof.  On nearly every one of these measures, Trump has failed miserably.  I don’t feel the need to expand on this point because others have already done so.

Evan and his campaign have excelled in most of these areas, which is impressive given how little time they’ve had to raise money, attract donors, and organize efforts to spend their money wisely.

You can learn a lot about a presidential candidate by who they choose to surround themselves with.  Do they hire men and women who are competent, decent, and honorable?  One only has to take a brief glance at the roster of outcasts, political hacks, and publicity hounds who Trump has hired at top positions in his campaign to see that he doesn’t value these traits at all in his employees.  That’s no surprise, given that he doesn’t value them for himself either.

Trump is already on his third campaign manager-  the first one had to be fired for grabbing Michelle Fields inappropriately(sound familiar?), and the second one had to resign in disgrace when the truth about his corrupt ties to Russia came out.  Trump has hired so many ‘deplorables‘ it’s hard to keep track of them.  And their long list of gaffes, lies, and overall reprehensible behavior is truly a sight to behold.

Instead of hiring just anyone who offers his or her services, Evan has surrounded himself with courageous and principled conservatives, like Rina Shah.  She’s his chief campaign spokesperson, and she proved herself to be such a person by calling out Trump in the past, and standing up to pro-Trump GOP officials who tried to strip her of her credentials as a delegate to the GOP convention. She showed the courage and determination in the face of adversity that many GOP politicians lack.

Evan’s campaign is the polar opposite of Trump’s.  He’s done more with his campaign in a few months than Trump has done with his in over a year.  He’s had countless interviews, held many rallies, and within a few months, rolled out an entire policy agenda, which is more detailed and substantive than Trump’s, and certainly more conservative.

Evan has worked tirelessly to build and advance a new conservative movement, and the results are showing.  He’s tied or ahead of Trump and Hillary in Utah, and is gaining ground in Idaho and other Mountain West states.  He’s done this with few resources and a very small staff.  Imagine where he’d be right now if he entered the race in June, with a war chest filled with money from big donors, and the support of many prominent Republicans.  And imagine if more Republicans had the courage to stand up for their principles and risk losing their seats in order to support the only true conservative in this race.

If Evan was the GOP nominee, and had the full support of the party and all of its resources, I suspect he’d be beating Hillary right now.  In a short period of time, Evan has put together legal and political teams who have helped him get on the ballot in over forty states by election day.  Most pundits predicted ballot access would be a problem for him, but he proved them wrong.  His campaign has shown what a dedicated and competent team can do, and has overcome most of the political and legal hurdles that were in their way.

Being a good leader isn’t just about being smart, or tough, as Trump likes to say.  A good leader knows how to work with a team, and can recognize wisdom in others and listen to their advice.  He also has enough self-awareness to know what he doesn’t know, and enough humility to be able to admit that, and surround himself with people who are more skilled and knowledgeable than himself in their fields of expertise.  Evan has learned how to work with a team throughout his life, whether it was during his time as a volunteer for the Refugee Resettlement Program for the UN, working as a CIA operative, or as policy director for the House Republican Conference.

All of these positions and experiences have prepared him well for the presidency, because running an administration is all about surrounding yourself with competent people and working with them to handle conflicts, while solving the most challenging problems the country faces.  His campaign has reflected this experience, and it’s a reason we can have confidence that if he were to win, he would be ready to run the government on day one.


6) Life experiences and qualifications to be president     

Before I get into the details of what I’ve learned about Evan’s life and the experiences and people who shaped him, I should note that a candidate’s past and life experiences matter.  First, they give us insight into what kind of person the candidate is, and if he or she has the personal characteristics necessary to at least be considered fit for the presidency.  Secondly, the trials, sufferings, tragedies, failures, and successes a candidate experiences throughout his life, especially in his younger years, determine what kind of person he’ll be, and thus what kind of president he’d be.

Based on my observations of Evan giving speeches, interacting with supporters, and handling hostile interviews , I was already impressed with him, and became convinced that he’s a man of character, honesty, wisdom, faith, and principle.  What I’ve learned about how he grew up, the decisions he’s made throughout his life, and what made him the man he is today only reinforced this belief for me.

I believe the average American will be able to relate to Evan because he grew up relatively poor on a farm in rural Washington.  At one point his family was even in danger of losing their house due to their financial struggles. His parents divorced later in life, so he also has experienced the pain and sadness that comes from watching your parents separate, as so many of his fellow Americans have, unfortunately.  I believe these experiences, as well as others he had with his careers, have given Evan character and an inner strength that many of our politicians lack.  It would explain why he didn’t back down when Trump recently attacked him.  In a series of tweets he showed more courage and authenticity than all of Trump’s Republican primary opponents combined.

From a young age, it was clear Evan wanted to help others and live for something greater than himself:

“His younger brother, Neil, said McMullin also wrote for the high school newspaper, including a story about the life of homeless people in Seattle. For the story, he slept for a couple of nights in the homeless shelter and walked the streets during the days.”

He gained even more experience serving others and making personal sacrifices as a young man during his time as a Mormon missionary in Brazil.

The presidency is a grueling job that requires dedication and an intense work ethic.  Evan has proven throughout his life that he has these traits in abundance.  He paid for his own college tuition by working as a deckhand on a fishing vessel.  Later in life he ended up working as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, after getting his MBA from the prestigious Wharton School of Business, and worked ridiculously long hours at that job.

By all accounts, our current president hasn’t worked hard to create relationships with members of Congress in order to get bills passed and solve the problems our country is facing.  We need a president who is eager and willing to do the hard work that is necessary to get our economy and our country back on track.  Evan would be such a president.

* * *

Unlike Trump, who inherited his wealth and the famous name that enabled him to get so many insider deals from corrupt politicians, Evan worked his way up the career ladder all by himself with determination, hard work, and intelligence.  Unlike Hillary, Evan never had a famous and powerful spouse or family member he could use as a stepping-stone to advance his career or political ambitions. He’s worked for the government, which has provided him with firsthand knowledge of how much red tape and incompetence is in our bureaucracy.  But he’s also worked in the private sector, which taught him how businesses succeed, and what needs to be done to help them rather than hold them back, as the current administration’s policies are doing.

It’s important to have a president who understands the struggles most Americans face and can empathize with them because he’s experience some of those struggles himself.  This experience will also act as a guide to point him to the issues and areas Americans need help with the most.

Trump and Hillary are out of touch insiders who have shown over and over again that they can’t relate to most Americans at all, and have no clue what our hopes, fear, and struggles are all about.  They’ve lived in insulated bubbles their entire lives and have never had to answer to a boss, or be held accountable by anyone, and it shows in their incompetence and entitled attitudes.

Living in a bubble and being surrounded by yes-men and hangers-on for decades is very dangerous for someone who wants to be president because you never learn from your mistakes, and start to believe that a different set of laws should be applied to you, or that you’re above the law altogether.  This mindset was reflected in Hillary’s decision to set up her server in her own home, which compromised our national security, and in Trump’s decision to ignore all of the advice of his advisers and run his campaign the way he wanted to, which backfired big league .

Evan has had a good balance in his life between working for leaders and being held responsible for any mistakes he made, and being a leader himself.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, I’m looking for a president who puts others before himself and is willing to make sacrifices with his time, energy, and even his life for the good of the country and of others.  Evan has proven throughout his life that he cares about people who are less fortunate than himself, and will do whatever he can to help them.    As I mentioned previously, before he joined the CIA, he volunteered to help the refugees from Syria’s civil war for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.  Then, he chose to join the CIA, but not to sit in an office as an analyst, safe from harm, but as an operative in the field for the National Clandestine Service (NCS).   This is the most dangerous position one can have in the CIA, as I described above.  Professionals in the intelligence community who’ve worked with Evan, including a former supervisor, have publicly vouched for his character and his willingness to take risks and make sacrifices for his team and country:

“The CIA station chief who supervised McMullin in his first overseas assignment told me that McMullin stood out among all the new case officers because of his insistence on going outside the safe confines of the embassy to meet and develop human- intelligence assets. As a Mormon, McMullin could not indulge in the vices that often help to build such bonds, so he used his piousness and his experience before college as a missionary in Brazil to his advantage.
“He believes in what he says and that’s how he recruited people,” the station chief said. “People fundamentally trust Evan.”

There couldn’t be a bigger difference between Evan, Trump, and Hillary in this area.  When have either Trump or Hillary sacrificed anything for others?  Sure, they have charitable “foundations”, but has anyone ever heard of them giving something to someone when they knew it would come at great personal cost to them, or when they knew they’d get nothing in return?  I haven’t.

In fact, we know Trump did just the opposite.  He dodged the draft five times, including using a lie about “bone spurs” one time, even though he had no medical evidence proving he had the condition.  Both Trump and Hillary have proven throughout their lives that they care only about themselves.  This is a big reason why I believe both of them would be failures as presidents.


* * *

The choices in this election couldn’t be any clearer.  One one side, we have two rich, entitled, and corrupt New York liberals who will say or do anything to win an election and increase their power and influence.  Both Trump and Hillary are unfit and unqualified for the office of the presidency.  They’ve proven themselves to be corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, and completely self-centered.

On the other side, we have a man who came from a humble background, earned everything he got in life, and gained the experience necessary to be qualified for the presidency.  Evan has the traits of character, temperament, humility, judgment, wisdom, and willingness to sacrifice that are needed to be a truly great president.

After seven long years of a progressive president who needed on the job training, it’s time we vote for a true conservative who is prepared to upend the status quo and begin cutting the government down to size on day one.  It’s time we reject and put to bed the old “binary choice” narrative and create a new paradigm in politics, one that is centered on the needs of the American people, not the special interests and corrupt politicians in Washington DC.  We need a new conservative movement, and it must be led by someone who hasn’t been stained by or involved in corruption or immoral behavior, either in government (Hillary), or in business (Trump).

That man is Evan McMullin, and for all of the reasons I’ve described in this diary, he has earned the vote of every conservative in America, along with independents who are fed up with both parties, and he deserves our support. We cannot let fear paralyze us.  Let’s unplug from the Matrix and tune out the noise from all sides of this debate so we can make a clear choice for who we want as president.  We must search our conscience, pray about this decision, and then make the best choice possible with the information we’ve been given.  I believe if we do that, we’ll send a powerful message to the GOP and to the rest of the country that we aren’t represented by Trump or Hillary, and that Evan is the candidate who speaks for us.